Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fallen Earth Walkthrough - Part 3

Part 3 was uploaded and processed a bit quicker than I thought, so it is an early edition. In this video I go over some basic information about skills and crafting. There is also some crossbow action.

This video starts a bit abruptly. My intro clip was causing the video software to crash and had to be deleted. Lucky for me it crashed near the start and not near the end.

Direct Link.


I was in closed beta for a few months and I'm somewhat disappointed with the game. I love the setting and some of the gameplay designs are really cool, but at least until a few weeks ago, the game still feels very unpolished.

Actually, my major problem with the game is combat. It feels a bit disconnected, specially when you are mellee and ranged weapons feel sort of weak, no punch to them.

Graphic wise the game is really nice I think. I just hate those shrubs that are everywhere! Whenever I move, they flicker and that drives me crazy. I'm not sure if that is a problem that only I have, but I tried everything to fix that without success.

FE still interests me. I will keep checking it out after release and see how it is progressing before I give it a serious try.

Werit.. is that you talking in the vid? Sounds just like Big Red Kitty!

@Anon: It is me. No relation to BRK ;)

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