Saturday, August 8, 2009

Victory and Changes

The War with Ethiopia was over by May. Superior Italian forces captured Addis Abba without too much trouble. On the southern front the Ethiopians did manage to make some advances. In the end though, they surrendered once we reached the capital.

I had a screenshot, but it was lost in my move to a new OS. However, here is what Italian East Africa looks like now.

The next big task facing my is to re-organize the army. I have quite a large force in Ethiopia, which is probably not needed. I have the game re-calculate the theaters and it comes up with 4. 2 in Italy, 1 in Libya and 1 in Ethiopia. You can see the setup here:

Now I can tell any of these commands to do stuff without all of the micromanagement. However, I do need to transfer a large chunk of the EAC to the NAC. The bulk of my African forces should be in the North. That is where most of the action will come in the future.

I give orders for the NAC to defend points in its theater and for the EAC to defend several key provinces in Ethiopia. The are still a large amount of NAC forces in Ethiopia, so the AI takes care of loading them onto ships and getting them where they are needed.

Now back to production. The Theater commanders tell you what they need (or rather want) to get their job done. Of course there isn't enough to go around, so i have to makes some tough decisions.

One thing I did not do, is assign the EAC some transports and air support. I move over some units. All I have to do is assign them a unit in Italy, and they will send that transport out to get him.


I plan to spend a large amount of time on my days of this weekend with this game. I did get to try one of the tutorials so far. One thing I noticed was the really long load time when you first start up the game, is it like that always?

Hey Werit.

I'm a long time lurker on your blog and I have to say you have made me want to play HOI3 now :O I'm trying to level my magus in WAR in the vain hope of a buff but maybe HOI3 will take my mind off who horribly gimped my class is ;)

Ive allways micromanaged my armies and things and I'm not quite sure how to delegate and get my armies to ask me what units they need and such. Is this a new feature of HOI?

Nice choice of first campaign btw.. I look forward to seeing how it plays out.

@anon: The AI control is purely optional and new in HoI 3. This should give you a better idea of how it works.

It is an extremely deep game. I spent an hour just organizing my Navy :)

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