Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is WoW for teenage girls?

Let's look at the facts:

  • You can give your character a 'makeover.'
  • There are more vanity pets than monsters.
  • You can stylize your pet (aka Druid)
  • Jewels seem to be the largest profession.
  • And coming soon: You can play a Werewolf.
I'm sorry, I guess they are called Worgen in WoW. A were...Worgen is just one step away from a Vampire. That's right, Blizzard is setting up to release a playable Vampire class. With the popularity of Twilight and the new abundance of high-school vampire shows on TV, why wouldn't Blizzard want a piece of the action?

I kid of course :)


omg, a werewolf is SO not a vampire *teen strop*

also, in EQ2 you can play a /cat/

Well... I seem to remember that Dark Age of Camelot already HAS a vampire class.

I quickly made a barbarian alt in EQ2 when I found all my existing characters were humanoid animals.

My secret is out, I'm actually a teenage girl! :)

I wonder if these two races are going to be their own faction or neutral or maybe they end up chosing a side sort of like DKs did (yes, it wasn't really a choice).

Worgen? Sweet. I wonder what classes would be available? Hunter, Warrior, Rogue, Shaman and... not sure what else? Warlock? Deathknight would be pretty interesting...

A Worgen in a dress...hot. Female Dogs Hotter.

If you can't tell I'm not on board with the Worgen thing yet. Blizz needs to sell me.

I'm sure there is more to the next expansion than 10 levels + 2 races. It seems to be that goblins and worgen are crying out for a iconic class.

That's easy. Worgen get the Beastmaster class (think WAR's White Lion class, but this time, you're both furry), and Goblins get the Merchant class (complete with Racketeer, Privateer and Commandeer talent trees).

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