Monday, August 31, 2009

One thing Aion has on WAR

While nothing I have read or seen leads me to believe Aion will be a better large scale PvP game than WAR, there is one area it seems to be superior. It isn't very surprising, as players have been clamoring for it in WAR since before launch.

Small Group Content.

The Abyss is a large zone filled with PvE content. There are npc's to farm and repeatable quests to be run. All of which reward you with PvP points. WAR has the Land of the Dead, which is also a PvE zone. However it is gated, so you will never find a lot of enemies there. Also, most of the content is group (or more) oriented.

The PvE content in the abyss can be run by one or two players, which is sometimes what players like to do. This also enables the small group gankers, which is a larger population that I thought, to go out and find them. When they meet, PvP will happen.... sometimes.

While Aion suffers from zergs, it does offer this small group alternative. Right now that option is missing in WAR.


Agreed. Interestingly I think there has been little talk about the group sizes within WAR. I always thought that the decision to move from 8 (in DAoC) to 6 (in WAR) is a limiting factor for group level activities.

I really hope Aion doesn't turn into the kids on a soccer field zerg like is was/is in WAR.

I like large scale combat, but I miss the group running PvP that DAoC used to have in the old days. Need to get that back somehow.

We'll see!

For Forts/Keeps it'll surely turn into a zerg as it is the natural order of things. There's nothing wrong with that, as huge battles are fun.

The key is to offer an alternative, in case you don't want to be 1 of 100.

Yeah, I just recently started playing DAoC and I see why some people love that sort of RvR other than what you find in WAR. Those small groups of 8 people can be highly effective and fun! But that is only possible I think because the game have heavily focused CC classes, permitting a small group of people disable large quantities of enemies allowing them to take them down if they know what they are doing.


The Abyss = A huge PvE area with PvP enabled
RvR Lakes = Semi-large PvP areas with only PvP

@Snafzg: Yea and you were right about it. As much as I dislike gank based PvP, I cannot think of a PvP-only reason for one or two players to go into the lakes. The best they can hope for is to run across someone else just wanting to mix it up.

I would like to see more PvE content in WAR's RvR lakes. A nice way to get people out there to mix it up a bit. There's been some success with past Live Events to draw folks into the lakes where you can sometimes be alright and other times ganked. Should be interesting to see how the Wild Hunt runs.

It is rare to come across the lone player in an RvR lake. I'm not the bestest PvP 1-on-1 player but I do try. If I see a Destro and feel like fighting, I'll instigate.

If I'm looking for smaller scale I'll run scenarios. 12 vs 12 is still rather large so perhaps we'll see some smaller scale scenarios added. Smaller scale can be fun and much more strategic.

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