Thursday, August 13, 2009

WoW PvP for fast leveling

In a previous article, I wrote that exp gains in WoW Battlegrounds was low. This is certainly true for low level characters. I had a 79 Warrior and I figured since my subscription was active I may as well get him to 80. A quick look at the exp bar and I had 1,600,000 exp to go, groan.

It turns out Alterac Valley (AV) is great for leveling. You can easily gain 100,000 - 150,000 exp in 10-15 minutes by playing that battleground. Each tower is worth about 20,000 xp as is the NPC in the middle forts. If you manage to kill the opposing general, that is another 33k worth of xp. The quests in there also give ~20k xp.

I don't find AV fun at all, but it still beats PvE. It does make me appreciate WAR's scenarios though, as that is what I did after gaining 6 or 7 bars in a short amount of time. I am tempted to make a Death Knight and see how quickly he can level via AV. I'm not sure how much longer the gravy train will last, as AV seems to be the only BG that has multiple instances at any given time. Did Blizzard intend it to be that good for leveling?


It's too bad that AV is boring and repetitive though and that you can't level in a dynamic pvp environment. I find PvE to be waaaay more fun than AV or any of WoW's BG's. They all feel like a race to me and not about fighting or killing the enemy. It's objective based and arcade-like.

I also have a post twink 23 rogue, she will leveling as much as possible through BG's and I hope to max her in around 2 months.
I think that in order to actually make it viable they need to give more xp from levels 10-50 (xp from kills, etc). I think they sould also think about ruducing the level brackets. Like AV for 20-30, AB for 10-20, ect.

Leveling, no matter how you do it, is arcade-like. The only exception is 5-man instances but those are hard to pull off, especially at lower levels, unless you have a solid crew that you can always form a group with. Even then I'm sure if you did instances repetitively you'd see that they're arcade-like too.

I've been enjoying the PvP option of leveling but it is still painfully slow through the 70's and I imagine its only a matter of time before I cancel my account yet again.

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