Friday, August 7, 2009

WoW PvP leveling

My curiosity got the best of me and I re-subscribed to WoW. It will just be for the month though. My main goal was to check out how feasible it would be to level primarily by Battlegrounds. The answer is: not very.

I had a Level 12 mage sitting around and figured he would be a perfect test subject. Warsong Gulch was queued up and in a short time I was in.

XP is low. For each flag capture my team got, I received ~225 XP. For a win I received about ~225 xp. I'm not sure if I would have gotten more if I had personally captured the flag but in any case, XP is pretty low as you don't get XP from killing players.

I estimate it would take 10 - 15 WSG matched for me to get to Level 13. You know those are rarely quick, so we are talking a significant amount of hours to get to Level 20.

Variety. WoW doles out the battlegrounds in small doses. So starting at level 10 you get WSG, at 20 you get Arathi basin, at 50 you get Alterac Valley and so on. You will be doing a huge amount of WSG or AB, which will get old quick.

Rogues. I hate them in WoW PvP. That is all.

No Bolster. In WoW, you do not get a boost in stats to help level the playing field. This can make most of the early levels pertty hard. I know at level 12 I was being 2-3 shotted by level 19's. They could have been twinks who have yet to level out though. Still, you'll be a good bit weaker than your high level opponents.

It doesn't seem realistic to think you can level a character mostly by battlegrounds. The low XP and lack of variety will make it a grind of epic proportions. Especially considering how easy most of the PvE is. It is a shame, if they added XP from player kills it may actually be fun. Then again, maybe not.


Wait, I thought you would get XP for killing others as well. That is even more stupid than I could have imagined. So not only can you TURN OFF XP, it takes forever, which does NOTHING to stop the twinks from absolutely owning the battlegrounds.

Made of fail all the way around. Im afraid that is 15 bucks you blew for no reason sir

@Hudson: If you have xp turned off you get put into battlegrounds with others who have it off. Twinks fight Twinks.

I don't think its to replace the regular xp grind, but supplement it. WoW will always be a PvE gsme with PvP tacked on.

BTW see any druid butts?

i am lv21 and i get 10k honor from a win at warsong thats 1/2 a level, i think flag caps are 1k each... but im to busy healing to stay alive and protecting others to note that

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