Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Werit goes Green

Some of my fellow CoW's rolled Destruction characters on Iron Rock in order to play against our members there. I am always up for beating down a guildy, so I rolled a Shaman. They are close to Dwarf like I suppose. I also never played an Archmage much, so it would be a different experience.

Iron Rock turns out to be a pretty good server for me. While Badlands is still #1 for me, there is activity at different time on Iron Rock. For example, weekend mornings are a time when I get a chance to play. Badlands is not very active while Iron Rock is. This should maximize the fighting, which should be a goal for us all in WAR.

Playing Destruction is tough though. yesterday i was in a scenario and this Swordmaster ran up to me and started to attack. "What the heck is this guy doing?" I thought to myself. "Oh yeah... I'm on the other team now".

Another plus is that I was able to secure the name Werit on Iron Rock. It's been fun so far. Greenskins seem to have a lot of flavor and say some funny things.


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