Friday, August 7, 2009

War with Ethiopia

As we ended last time, Italy is currently at war with Ethiopia. We have made some inroads into their territory, but much remains to be done. Here is how the conflict looks now.

The East African Army (EAA) is currently resposible for our war effort there. General Grazioli currently commands the army (leaders have bonuses). He reports to African Command. I should note, that this hierarchy is all customizable. You can build them and name them how you want.

This is important because I can give orders at any level and they will filter down. This way you can have the AI deal with things you would rather not.

The EAA is currently comprised of 6 corps and a division. I also have several naval units and air wings for support.

Let's get this war going. I am going to give the orders to the EAA rather than do everything myself. Here I set up the order. I want them to take Addis Abba, the capital.

I also gave orders for my air support. They will be patrolling the blue area for targets.

And as we can see, the AI has started to take care of business. I could easily do this myself, but I thought it'd be fun to delegate.

It is a shame that my air cover cannot reach too far into Ethiopia. I think I will research plane fuel tanks next. Next time, we will see how the war went.


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