Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What to do about Stage 2

The first stage of the new and improved city siege is pretty good. Hold objectives and kill the enemy. When complete, stage 2 starts. The losers hero (plus bodyguards) makes an appearance and Stage 1 starts again. If the victor can defeat the hero or win stage 1 again, they win the bags and the Victory Points.

The problem is the hero, he is one tough customer. Even in an unopposed instance, an attacker may have trouble defeating him. Add in 48 defenders and it can be a near impossible task. The new stage 2 allows the attacker to just re-complete Stage 1 as an alternative. While this solution may be serviceable it doesn't seem like the best way.

Keep Hero as is. We will most likely see both sides try and win Stage 1 again, with the Hero wandering around and trouncing the opposition at the center objective every so often.

Keep Hero, but scale him. For every 12 defenders in the instance at the time of spawning, remove one of the bodyguards. The more defenders, the easier it should be to kill the Hero.

Remove Hero, extend Stage 1. Since most people will just be doing Stage 1 to get by Stage 2, just make it longer to begin with. I think players do want some variety, so this may not be the best idea.

Remove Hero, add more objectives. This would be Stage 1 plus 2 more objectives (docks, palace). These are close to the defender spawn which should give them an advantage. It would also result in more small group action as there is a need to spread out.

Anyone else have any ideas?


Turn the Hero into a 6-man instance near the defenders base. This allows defenders a chance to block them from entering although causing the remaining objectives to be less guarded. Allow only one 6-man at a time to guarantee plenty of fighting in the city. Make the instance queueable like city instances, so if a group manages to make it there they can get a pop-up message when it's available, if a session is already in progress. Leave it on a 5m decay timer in case they cannot get back and another group wants in. Making the Hero instanced will allow for much better balancing, loot distribution, and party composition. Make defeating the Hero add 10% to the score for the win, and allow just enough time to defeat him 12 times consecutively. If the city is empty of defenders, they'll still need to grab all the points, and wait in line to fight the Hero in stage 2.

Hows that?

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