Friday, August 14, 2009

The Great Pre-Order Debate

September is fast approaching. Three MMO's will be launching during the month: Champions Online, Fallen Earth and Aion. CO and Aion are probably the top two contenders for the month though. I've played both of them and would gauge my interest in them to be about equal.

That brings me to the big question, which game should I pre-order? And yes, I must pre-order one... just 'cause :)

Aion has the Abyss which may provide some fun PvP. It is also a polished MMO with a lot of content. However it is Eastern themed and has wings.

Champions Online has a lot of customization options and is about super-heroes. I can also get into the Star Trek Online Beta. However it is a new MMO and will likely have all of the problems a new MMO usually does. Next week, when the NDA drops I can talk more about it.

As for Fallen Earth, I just don't know enough about the game to consider it. They are holding an open beta next week, hopefully I will get a chance to check it out.

Are you pre-ordering one, both or Fallen Earth?


I preordered Champions because the super hero theme will be a new experience. I just received my Open beta code this morning, Im pretty stoked about it. I had Aion on preorder and did some of the closed beta weekends, the eastern sytle just doesn't do it for me.

I pre-ordered Champions Online. I tried Aion over July 4th weekend. It was fun, but not fun enough that I felt like I needed to be in it on Day 1. Once the client drops in price I'll probably give it a go...maybe after the holidays.

Maybe by then they will have changed the 10-level newbie experience.

I pre ordered champs, I had also pre ordered aion as well, but I did a beta weekend and also played the chinese version, needless to say I got a refund for that preorder.

Yes aion is polished blah blah blah, but its just wow with eastern graphics, I need something a bit diffrent.

Just a heads up: Fallen Earth needs to stay in beta. That is all.

None of the above.

Basically not enough time for even Warhammer, so I will have to be a one MMO kind of guy.

If I had to choose I think I would go with Aion, I really enjoy that one. I was hoping to get into the Fallen Earth beta to see what that is about, oh well.

I pre-ordered Aion and that's what I will play first. I found Champions to be a lot more fun, but like you said, it's a new game and a bit unpolished at the moment. I'll give them sometime to work on details before I play it. I'm sure I will enjoy it more then.

And as Hudson said, Fallen Earth needs to stay in beta! For like... another year or so.

Fallen Earth... Ah. I've been in the closed beta for over a year I think. I don't even remember how I got into it. It was so bad last year around this time I actually stopped looking at it.

I should probably download the client again and get back into it just to see how much it's changed.

I'm a bad bad beta tester. :(

I'll be in the final closed beta of Aion this weekend. So watch out, initial reviews will be popping up on the site next week. As well as my initial reviews of Champions after I get to try it next week.

Big NO on Fallen Earth. I tested it and it's just not for me. I can see how someone might like it, but it just doesn't feel right. Not gritty enough to be "post apocolyptic". It feels more like some sort of simulator than an immersing experience.

I dropped $5 to reserve a copy of Aion when it comes out. Will likely play that over the other two you mentioned but I have no idea how long I'll last. I really have low expectations for Aion. Hoping it will surprise me.

It seems like your the only one with any sense left for CO, hopefully you wont let me down.

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