Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WoW and TOR

I was reading a post and it really got me thinking. Rivs mentions that the new WoW 5 man is great for getting tokens (badges) so why would you want to raid? My response was, what is the gear for, if not to kill a boss. But WoW is not about killing bosses really, it is about progression. So if you are not a raider, what good does the latest 5 man dungeon do you? Other than the first time of course.

That got me thinking about TOR, as they say they are about the story. If that is true, I really do not want to see any large raids. If part of my story is to kill a Sith Lord, I do not want to be barred by the need for a raid. Also, having to run things multiple times to get the gear so I can advance in the story would end up killing the story.

In single player rpg's, do you have to farm bosses? No, you just have to kill them once and the story advances. I expect the same in TOR.

I do want large group activities though. They need to be dynamic and creative. Maybe a PvE battleground where there are no Bosses, just waves of enemies (NPC). They could easily make this dynamic. It would also fit, as this is Star WARS. They should be fun and fast paced. I would expect tokens from them as a reward.


First off I think there's alot of Epeen comparing in WoW. Achievements, and Inspecting of Gear.

Also I think gear does help you progress, but not just further perhaps. Like the old 5mans because my gear is purely awesome...if I say so myself. Makes things faster, so a 5man that use to take 2 hours, now takes 30 minutes.

Whats the point....More badges, more gear.

Then again thats the treadmill that is WoW. Hopefull TOR will save me.

the gear is also for pvp btw ;)

But, WoW PvE gear is not good for PvP due to their pvp stat thingy.

"having to run things multiple times to get the gear so I can advance in the story would end up killing the story."

I agree, this is completely silly.

In fact, I would prefer an MMO that didn't rely on a pre-written story...But that let the players live out their own story and be part of the story.

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