Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rebuilding the Roman Empire

Yesterday Hearts of Iron 3 arrived. I had long decided that my first campaign would be as Italy in 1936. Italy, for me, is a nice starting point. It is not as big as Germany, USSR and the other major players, but still matters. It also gets to participate in all facets of the war: air, land and sea.

My long term goals for Italy are to conquer much of what was the Roman Empire. Below you can see what Italy looks like in 1936.

My first order of business is to set our research priorities. There are a lot of ways to go so they should match my goals. My current budget allows me to research 3 projects. First up is:

Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. This will lead to Radar, improved communications and better industry.

Small Arms. As Italy makes wide use of infantry, they should be better equipped.

Light Tank Gun. Who doesn't like tanks? In the coming years, we are going to need better ones.

Air Frame. Air power is the future, so let's improve how our fighters are built.

Next up is production. We already have a submarine being built and a Light Cruiser. This is taking up a sizable portion of the money set aside to build. With what is left, I order 2 new infantry brigades to be created.

Intelligence is an important part of any strategy. As I have plans for Yugoslavia, I have made them a priority for my agencies. I want to know the strength and whereabouts of their military.

That was pretty much my first 30 minutes in the game. Next time we will address Italy's current war with Ethiopia.


Nice work, I am looking forward to reading how Italy becomes the dominate Axis power. I can't wait to get my copy, soon!!

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