Friday, August 21, 2009

Clip Show Friday

It has been a busy week here on Werit. As such, I am going to be lazy and break out the clip show.

On Werit...

Check out the four part video series on Fallen Earth. that's right, 40 minutes of gameplay footage and me talking. Speaking of which, where's my Emmy?

We here at the Werit Broadcasting Studios would also like to announce that the Werit FE Monologues Collectors Edition DvD will hit retail stores in time for the holiday season. This Directors cut includes 12 extra seconds and commentary on the commentary.


Keen's no holds barred impressions about Champions Online stirred up quite a bee's nest. Who knew Keen was Zeus? That would make Syp Hogan I guess, as he posts about the bright side of CO.

Ysharros drops some knowledge about EQ2 crafting. I'd prefer an enchanted jock strap though.

If not blocked by your employers oppressive filter, check out the Guild Wars 2 trailer and the one for Starcraft II.


I gave Fallen Earth a try and IMHO it sucked. Horrible lag, controls, and generally a confusing game to pickup. I'm sorry, but in today's market, a game gets one shot and an hour tops to impress me (open beta or not).

Fallen Earth is interesting, but I haven't played it much. One thing I do like is the combat.

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