Monday, August 24, 2009

Until we meet again WoW

Recently, I had re-subscribed to WoW. I did so with some objectives in mind, but now that they are finished I have canceled. What I wanted to accomplish was:

PvP Experience. This was the main reason I came back to WoW. I wanted to see how feasible it was to level a character via PvP. It turned out that for a low level character it is not very feasible. However, once you can run Alterac Valley it becomes doable.

Level 80. I had a Level 79 Warrior and was a full level away from the cap. Using Alterac Valley I was able to get him to 80 pretty quickly. I saw a lot of mid-70's in there, so I don't think I was the only one with that idea.

450 BS. My Warrior is a Blacksmith and had his skill up to ~443. Since 450 is the max I figured I'd try and cap that too. The last 10 points are usually a pain but it turned out to be pretty easy. I had over 1,000 gold and a couple of titansteel bars. I bought what I needed for Spiked Titansteel Treads, crafted them and sold them on the AH. With the gold from the sale I crafted another and sold it. Rinse and repeat until 450.

Reaching 450 was a disappointment. I thought there would be something cool to craft, but there wasn't. It turns out all of the 450 recipes are raid drops. I don't even think I got an achievement for it.

Leveling by PvP was not very fun as my fury warrior. Maybe I am just a bad player, but I seemed to get utterly destroyed by rogues. I'd get stunned, break the stun and stunned again. It really makes me appreciate Warhammer.

There is some temptation left in WoW. As a fury warrior I use Titans Grip and my current 2h weapons are quite old so I do want to upgrade them. I have a thing for symmetry, so I want to wield 2 of the same kind. It looks awesome. The Argent Tournament has a 2 hander that is not unique... but it would take me 2 weeks at least (guess) to get them. I really don't want to do dailies over and over again.

So it is time for me to say goodbye to WoW. I suspect the next time we meet it will be in the Cataclysm expansion.


I've just never been a fan of PvP in WoW. In my opinion, it's one of the most broken PvP systems around. Stun-lock is the norm.

I just resubscribed not to long ago as well, but I'll probably let it lapse after this month. I've just about reached my goals as well.

More time to EQ2 and WAR. Then Aion, CO or Fallen Earth :)

I felt the same sort of way with WAR, only it was root-lock and, as a Witch Elf, I only had one piddly ranged attack.

As a Hunter in WoW I hated the Warlock fear more than anything else. Rogues weren't too bad once I started dropping freezing traps at my feet.

I guess as soon as there is some form of CC available in PVP someone is going to hate it.

Ever notice most good FPS games don't have any form of CC in them? There is a lesson to be learned there... I think.

I also resubscribed to WoW a couple weeks ago and will let it lapse at the end of this month. I got back to check the latest patches since last time I played was in February.

I just don't think I can dedicate any more time to it. I'm already tired of its formula. The game sure is so damn polished compared to anything else out there and I tend to forget that, but I will wait until Cataclysm is out to experience all the new low level content.

I also got my WAR subscription up this week. I spent many hours yesterday doing T4 RvR on my WP on Badlands. I'm not really sure how I feel about it yet. WAR is a game I want to love so much, but after doing the T4 stuff for a few hours I get reminded on why I quit the game before. The whole zone locking, keep zerging thing gets boring quite fast and after so much effort in locking a few zones in one day, the next day it is all reset or lost. I feel like I didn't accomplished anything and getting Renown is so damn slow!

I had tons of fun on a new Shadow Warrior I rolled though. T1 and T2 is still a blast! I guess it's because you progress quickly, the zerg is not too present most of the time and that allows for more small skirmishes where you can survive for quite long if you got a team backing you up.

I'm not sure how long I will keep my WAR subscription going, but I will try to play my SW as long as it remains fun, but I bet that will stop when I get to later T3.

WoW pvp is fun when you are winning, of course right, but it's so bursty now that even with my fury warrior I would die in seconds. That was one reason why I decided to take some time off from the game.

So does this mean more AAR's about you Italian campaign to take over Europe?

As far as HoI 3 AAR's I am holding off until the next patch. Should be any time now :)

With the Champions Online beta and some real life things, I haven't had much time to spend with HOI3 like I had hoped. What is the patch suppose to fix?

A lot of things, including the AI and the resource model.

I got to 32 and into t4 on my DoK in WAR back in March/April. Even as a healer who liked doing his job whether we won or lost a fight, it was discouraging. The rate at which people gave up from the Zerg was about 30 min; after that they'd leave, come back in 2 hrs, see the zerg still there, leave. I even had an amazing guild (Black Legion on Ostermark when there was Ostermark) and as a guild we couldn't compete with the zerg.

So, I left for WoW again, thinking to try pvp. Ended up healing in raids, go bored, rerolled to tank, tanked raids, got bored again. I was even doing the latest content release and it just didn't cut it.

Thought about going back to WAR, but it seems so many of the pvp-minded players are going to WAR, I might at least have to try it w/ the rest.

As far as my goal achieving, it almost feels like my goal is to get bored. Play a game to death, then quit till they fix why I quit, or find a new game to throw myself into.

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