Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Patch Day!

Today, Warhammer Online's 1.3.6 patch comes to the live servers.  I am pretty excited about this one.  The first thing I plan on doing is hopping on my Tier 3 Slayer and making my way to the High Pass RvR lake.  I expect some good action with players checking out the new Skaven spawns.  While we wait, here is plenty of stuff to keep you busy.

NOTE: Servers are up!


1.3.6 Patch Notes
1.3.6 Video Podcast - There is some video after the credits...
Appearance System Dev Diary


1.3.6 Features Part 1 - Auction House, Sticky Targeting, Sovereign exchange
1.3.6 Features Part 2 - Appearance system, Window's of Perpetuity, Skaven spawns, Against all Odds
1.3.6 RvR Changes


Engineer in 1.3.6
Runepriest in 1.3.6
Witch Elf Sovereign armor sets
High Elf scenario weapons


1.3.6 PTS Event #1
1.3.6 Mass RvR
1.3.6 PTS Event #2

Weapons of WAR

1.3.6 Chosen Weapons
1.3.6 Dwarf Weapons
1.3.6 Black Orc Shields
1.3.6 Rifles
More weapons to come...