Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1.3.6: High Elf Axes

Even though 1.3.6 has launched, there are still a bunch of new weapon models to show off.  I'm not the biggest Elf fan, but these Axes do look pretty cool. Not as cool as last weeks rifles though.  Today we should also get word on WAR's big news!  Rest assured there will be a post about it when I know something.  On to the weapons!

Note: These images are of the base models and not in-game screenshots.  They will look similar though.

Check out Mykiel's site for some in game screenshots.

Titan's Greataxe of Rigor (Tier 3, Soldier Emblems)

Titan's Greataxe of Zeal (Tier 4, Officer Emblems)

Titan's Greataxe of Solemnity (Tier 4, Officer Emblems)

Titan's Greataxe of Reckoning (Tier 4, Royal Insignias)

Mystery Axe #1

Mystery Weapon #2

Mystery Weapon #3

Mystery Weapon #4