Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dressed to Kill Contest

Now that we are not at the mercy of our loot, we can start looking somewhat decent.  The appearance system, introduced in 1.3.6, allows for lot more customization.  To celebrate, it is time for a contest!  Yep, win stuff just for looking good.  Read on for the details.

UPDATE 9/2/2010:  Next week the judging/showing of the submissions will start.  Lots of good entries.

So, what stuff can I win?


1st Place.  An unopened Warhammer Online Collector's Edition.  It includes several books, a miniature and a code which gives new items, quests and a choice of heads for your character.  Even if you already own the game, you should be able to apply the code to your account and receive the items.

If you happen to own it already, you may choose one of the other prizes.  NOTE: This prize is only open to North American residents due to shipping issues.

2nd Place. Two Warhammer posters.  There are 2 themes: Dwarf vs Greenskin or Empire vs Chaos.  NOTE: This is open to North American and European residents only.  You may choose between this and the 3rd place prize.

3rd Place. An item code!  You can choose from: Rivenstaff's Deck of Eight and Bottomless Custard or the Skaven Skin Cloak. NOTE: This one is open to NA and EU players.

How do I Enter?

To enter the contest, send a screenshot of your character to contests@weritsblog.com with a subject of "Dressed to Kill".  Also, try to include the names of the appearance armor in case people want to find it.

The contest will end Tuesday, August 31st at 8am EDT.  Judging will be done by me, or using a poll.

Here is my main, Tirew:

Nothing too fancy yet.  Instead of my Invader helmet, I am showing the Conqueror Hardhat.  I always did like those horns.  I am also showing a different weapon, the Sentry's Rifle of Reverence.  The rest is a mix of Invader and Warlord.