Sunday, August 22, 2010

WAR News Day 5

I wasn't expecting to do another news post after yesterday's, but some new information has become available.  It isn't anything groundbreaking, but worth a read none the less.  Even though I was disappointed yesterday, my overall outlook is positive.  More on that tomorrow though.

 NOTE: More WAR News is up!

Today's news: has released it's Gamesom interview.  There original (Russian) text can be found here.

So what did I learn from the google translated text?

  • The new RvR zone will be a part of the campaign and is meant to slow it down, but not act as a roadblock.  
  • The Open RvR changes will be significant, similar to how the cities were improved.  No more bars and timers.
  • The Russian version of the game will be allowed to roll both Order and Destruction on the same server.
  • With the 'Pack' concept, they hope to add more content to game at a quicker pace.
  • There is a separate team solely working on the RvR Pack.

The new 6 vs 6 scenario, The Eternal Citadel, will make its debut this coming weekend.

The Wild Hunt live event will make its return in two weeks.  The dungeon will be available to all tiers.

  • Skaven will be involved in the 'RvR pack'.  No details on how except that they will not be a traditional race which starts at level 1 and lack archtypes.
  • The renown cap will be raised from 80 to 100.
  • The RvR Pack (Power, Progression and Personality) will be a paid expansion involving multiple purchase options.  
  • A new RvR zone, has to do with Skaven. Will be part of the campaign
  • RvR Campaign changes, so long Victory Points.
  • New Armor beyond Sovereign 
  • The RvR pack is due out before Christmas.