Friday, August 13, 2010

News from the Front: The Final Countdown

It has been a quiet week for Warhammer Online, but that is all about to change.  Friendly collision detection was the hot topic and the outcome is still uncertain.  It looks like we won't have to wait long to find out though.  Mythic will be hitting up Gamescom next week and it looks like 1.3.6 will be hitting the live servers too!

UPDATE: Looks like friendly collision will remain for 1.3.6!


  • 1.3.6 will most likely be headed to the live servers next week!  In order to accommodate the Auction House changes they will be disabling new auction creation, today. 
  • BioWare Mythic will be at Gamescom next week (starts the 18th) and are looking forward to taking interviews.  Now why would they want to do that, hmmmmm.  
WAR Day Out
  • If you will be in the Maryland area next week, Gaarawarr and Mykiel are planning a trip to see the Orioles play.
New WAR Blog
  • Runetwisting posted a great guide about the upcoming 1.3.6 changes for Rune Priests.  Covers everything from skill changes to the new Sovereign armor sets. A must for any RP out there.
  • Vizo writes about what he likes when it comes to WAR's open RvR and where it could be improved.  I agree for the most part.  Open RvR is what you make of it.  I hate RvE'ing, so I don't do it. 
  • Bootae posted a very interesting article about why Mythic may have chosen Tzeentch over the other Chaos deities. It's posts like these that make me want to get into the Warhammer lore more.
  • Krosuss takes a look at what might have been with the other Warhammer capital cities.  He also writes about some ways to get them into the game.  Hopefully one day they can become a reality.
  • Mr. Meh is not a fan of the current Opt Out system for city sieges.  I tend to agree, but would rather see the system tweaked than removed.  I really just want to be able to opt out of Gold bags so i can still have a shot at the others.
  • Zizlak posts about the most recent post-PTS Q&A event.  He is a bit concerned over the new Rune priest/Zealot toggle system when it comes to Crowd Control.  He does have a point that when in healing mode, their CC spells will disrupt more.  How much more remains to be seen.
  • Helltrek takes a deeper look at the latest Q&A.  Lots of exciting stuff buried in the transcript, can't wait to find out more!
  • Check out this Knight of the Blazing Sun video by Badlands own, Sparkkicus.  This makes me want to get my Knight leveling again, I had always planned to make it my two hander while my Ironbreaker concentrates on the shield.
  • Boss #5 footage from the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.  Nice quality, may have to lower your speakers if at work.
  • Large scale RvR fight in Praag.  I think Praag might be my favorite zone.  So many fun fights happen on the streets.