Monday, August 23, 2010

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Did you think the Warhammer Online news was over?  Not quite yet.  We'll be getting more news as attendees get their articles up.  I'm not expecting any great revelations, but the picture of the RvR Pack should become a bit more clear.

Several pieces of concept art was shown to Gamescom and Gamesday audiences.  Even though they are not in game art, they do give some hints as to what we should expect.

Hello, what do we have here? It sure looks like a Skaven Screaming Bell.

"The most feared symbol of the Seers is the "Screaming Bell," a massive, horned bell mounted on a carriage and pushed into battle, the daemonic chimes enthusing the skaven hordes."  - Wikipedia

Be sure to check out the other pieces of art at Gamereactor

Gaarawarr, the typing and jogging Dwarf, posted a transcript of their Q&A with the devs at Gamesday Baltimore.  There are some good nuggets of information in there, so give it a read.