Friday, August 20, 2010

WAR News Day 3

No News from the Front this week, instead more coverage of Mythic's visit to Gamescom.  Yesterday we learned two things.  First, the RvR pack will be split into 3 parts (Power, Progression and Personality) which can be separately purchased. Secondly, there will be a new RvR zone.  What will today's news bring us?

NOTE: Day 4 is up!

Today's news (so far):

Unrelated to Gamescom, it's a double XP/Renown weekend!

At 9am EST, Carrie, Andy and Stuart (DAoC) will be hosting a live chat.  It says the NFS team, but it looks like Mythic will be going prior to that, so be sure to stop in!  NOTE: The answers are later in the post under Update #1.

WAR-welten posted some information from their interview, here is the Google translated text:

  • (A?) New pure RvR zone size - unfortunately unknown, but it is at least one normal zone
  • This will be incorporated into the Kampang and NOT to be like extra LdT eg (Werit: Land of the Dead)
  • The Kampang is completely revised - no victory points or more Zeitlocks. Unfortunately, no details
  • There is a new set(s) - smaller sets will be more accessible but (extinguisher, conquerors, Invasor) (tauronus: earlier sets may be easier to obtain)
  • Possibly. There will be active RA - the RA system as it currently is under construction and they look as what they want to do.
  • Skaven will NOT be normal playable race with four archetypes, etc. - "we want to make it as something that did not exist (as far as we know.)"

I also was a concept art shown is part of the RvR Skaven Pack and shows an underground tunnel.  Andy has promised to send me some of them, then you see them too

The original post can be found here. If any German speaking readers can clear these up, please do :) NOTE: Crestor posted a cleaner version in the comments.

Tomorrow is Gamesday Baltimore, several bloggers will be there and want your questions!  I am also going to do a Saturday post to try and get newly gained information out.


From the webcast...
  • This pack is RvR focused (unlike LotD).
  • A new zone will be introduced.
  • They plan on helping sub RR 80 players/alts catch up once the RR cap is increased.
  • New Armor beyond Sovereign 
  • The new zone will be accessible by all, but a lot of the "cool stuff" will come in the RvR Pack
  • Renown buffs (maybe) to help close the gap 
  • There will be changes to the existing Open RvR mechanics which fit with the new Skaven theme. 
Nobwaart has a full transcript of the Q&A.


The RvR pack is due out before Christmas.


A new Gamescom video is up, starring Carrie.  She talks a bit about the new RvR pack.   There are many interesting tidbits in here, so go watch it!  Must theorycraft! Skaven zone....

  • Skaven will be involved in the 'RvR pack'.  No details on how except that they will not be a traditional race which starts at level 1 and lack archtypes.
  • The renown cap will be raised from 80 to 100.
  • The RvR Pack will be a paid expansion involving multiple purchase options.  
  • A new zone, no details yet. Seems that it will be added to the campaign and be focused on RvR.
  • RvR Campaign changes, so long Victory Points.
  • New Armor beyond Sovereign
 I will be updating this page as the day goes on.