Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More WAR News

A new interview is up from Gamescom.  This one comes to us from WAR-Welten and is a 30 minute video.  It is in English, so be sure to watch it.  It's a great way to slack err... spend your lunch hour.  I did pick out some of the interesting bits, read them after the jump.

NOTE: Even More WAR News is up.

While there was not a whole lot new in this video, the following to catch my attention.

  • Skaven are not NPC's.  That means no Balur type 3rd faction.  
  • Russia will be getting a server merge.  Cross Realming will be allowed.
  • WAR will get better gold spammer reporting tools.  A right-click 'Report Gold Spam' option is in the works.  If enough people report them, it will receive faster attention.
  • Carrie did make mention of getting armor (like Annihilator) from a store.  I'm not willing to put too much stock in it yet, as it was given just as an example and there is no followup information. 
  • No new PvE content planned
  • They have plans to do "something cool" with siege weapons.
  • When asked about new mounts, they said they liked mounts, multiple times. 

From Andy:
We're not currently discussing offering armor sets on a cash store. That's not to say we're not discussing pay for service features such as server transfers and character renames, but the quote that everyone seems to be speculating on is not an indicator of Annihilator armor being sold for RMT.

Don't forget, the Dressed to Kill contest is running!