Thursday, August 19, 2010

WAR News Day 2

Yesterday was Press Day at the Gamescom conference.  Today it officially opens to the public.  A little bit of WAR news did leak out, which has been getting a mixed reaction.  The problem is, what we got was more of a blurb rather than an actual interview.  Will Day 2 be better?

NOTE: Day 3 is up.

Today's news (so far):

In a forum post, Andy talks a bit about Day 1. The most interesting piece being:

"As Carrie has stated, Free to Play is not something currently in consideration. Something that wasn't mentioned in the article was further explanation on what we mean by the statement "customizing your game experience" (paraphrasing): We currently plan on offering the RvR Pack with multiple purchase options which we're calling Power, Progression and Personality. I'm not ready to go into details on what exactly that means (yes, evil at work, however I just can't right now) but the focus is to allow you to purchase what you want and build your own experience with the new content."

Andy posted the first entry of his Gamescom video diary.  This looks like it was done earlier in the day, so no new information to report.

An interview was given to, nothing posted on their site about it yet.

UPDATE:  It seems that this RvR Pack will contain a new zone!  In the forums, there is this translated statement from their interview:


"In addition do not PvE. But a large PDF + zone in greater detail in our interview that we will soon publish"


"In the addition there will not at all be [PvE]. Then + large [RvR] zone, is in more detail in our interview, which we will soon publish."

This should be considered a rumor and possibly incorrect until the actual interview is out.  I have no idea what PDF is supposed to be, the fun of automatic translations :)  Again, this could be incorrect, but it's something.  This has since been confirmed by another interviewer.


A tweet from one of the GameReactor interviewers: "well - not an expansion, but three "paid RvR pack"s. It does feature skaven, but we didn't get more info on exactly HOW." and "yes, there is a new zone."

  • Skaven will be involved in the 'RvR pack'.  No details on how except that they will not be a traditional race which starts at level 1.
  • The renown cap will be raised from 80 to 100.
  • The RvR Pack will be at least partly a paid expansion involving multiple purchase options.  
  • A new zone, no details yet.
 I will be updating this page as the day goes on.