Friday, August 27, 2010

News from the Front: The Return

After a short vacation, the News from the Front has returned!  You guys may have missed it, but Mythic announced the RvR Pack.  Next time I'll try to cover it more.  The 1.3.6 patch has been overshadowed by the Pack news, but has been a lot of fun.  It just might be the best Warhammer Online patch yet.  On to the community news.


  • The new 6 vs 6 scenario, The Eternal Citadel, debuts this weekend.  I suggest finding a group to queue with for this one.
  • Time is running out to get your screenshot in for the Dressed to Kill contest.
  • Vizo writes about a positive Customer Service experience.  This is nice to read since we usually only hear about the bad cases.
  • Tyanon lets us know about some upcoming Rune Priest/Zealot changes.  These do look like great changes, can't wait to check them out.
  • Mmmmm Gud is not a fan of alts.  While I am a fan, it is interesting to see a different perspective.  As for something special for RR80 characters, that would be fine with me. 
  • Helltrek gives us a breakdown of the newly announced RvR Pack. Even with a lack of details, I am looking forward to new content.
  • Mr. Meh has updated his DoK Guide.  I really liked how he took another look at he perceived the class and made changes.  A lot of people would not admit that, so kudos!
  • Bootae asks what our most and least favorite aspect of 1.4 (RvR Pack) is.  That's a tough one.  Right now I'd have to go with whatever the Skaven feature they are putting in is.
  • Mykiel tells the tale of his trip to Gamesday Baltimore.  This story has it all, Beer, Girls, Johnny Depp and WAR.  
  • Some organized 6 vs 6 fighting from Gorfang.  Best part of the video is that a White Lion took it, which is actually pretty rare. 
  • A webcam video experiment.  Multiple webcam's and fraps were used.  It is pretty impressive, 3 monitors/screens which look enormous.
  • Tier 1 DPS Archmage footage.  This had to be a difficult video to make, as it is near impossible to make a High Elf look tough. 
  • Nice video of a Warrior Priest in tier 1.  PvE, RvR, PQ's... it's all here.  This certainly brought back some memories.
  • A collection of duel footage, with no UI.  It actually turned out pretty well.  Nasty little Shamans.