Friday, August 6, 2010

News from the Front: Calm before the storm

This week has been pretty quiet as far as WAR news goes.  With Gamescom rapidly approaching, I suspect Mythic is busy preparing for it and the 1.3.6 patch.  The community remains active, especially with anticipation of the 'announcement.'


  • Against All Odds will be tested on the PTS tonight at 8pm EDT.  There will also be a Q&A after the test, so be sure to stick around.
New WAR Blog
  • Gaarawarr writes about the new Weekend Warfront rewards.  While not my ideal rewards, the new medals are an improvement.  I hope to complete one of these again soon.
  • Helltrek takes a look at the Producer's Letter and Carrie's interview with  He is pretty excited, what will the big news be?  Less than two weeks to go!
  • Are scenario numbers worthwhile or just plain dumb?  I agree with Bootae that they are mostly meaningless.  A lot of actions just can't be scored.  The win is all that really matters.
  • In preparation of WAR's announcement, Krosuss takes a look at the Skaven.  They may seem like just talking rats, but their lore is pretty interesting.  Will they be a full fledged faction or just a member of one of the current ones?
  • Is the big announcement a brand new type of mount?  Butterfly mounts to be specific. Actually, they would fit perfectly for those sissy elves. Yea, I said it.  We all have been thinking it.
  • Taransula posted screenshots of all the Witch Elf Sovereign armor set stats.  That's quite a lot of stats for such skimpy clothing.
  • Rancid isn't a big fan of the Auction House in WAR. I agree on some points, but WAR isn't really about the economy for me.  I just want it to enhance my fighting options, which is seems to do.
  • Rank-n-vile continues his journey though WAR's PvE. I'm a little jealous, as I have only experienced a small part of the WAR story.  It's just that RvR is too addicting, I can't break away!  There must be a 12 step program somewhere.
  • Thrangis emerges from the sewer. So that's what that smell is. 
  • Jouvifilms shows off a Chosen fighting it out in Serpent's Passage. I've always been impressed with the Chosen artwork.  Some of their gear looks amazing. 
  • Another Chosen video, this time with a bit more info about how the character is setup. He has an interesting UI too, although I'm not a fan of bars in the middle of the screen.
  • Hudson shows off some video of Chosen (yea, it is a Chosen kinda day) doing a myriad of low level activities. Other classes are included, so it's not all Chosen.