Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1.3.6: Black Orc Shields

If I had to play a Destruction race, it would be the Greenskins.  They just have so much cool stuff.  In 1.3.6, Black Orc's received several new models for their scenario shields.  As we have seen with others, there is also a new shield model which doesn't appear to be used in the game yet.  What could it be for?

Note: These images are of the base models and not in-game screenshots.  They will look similar though.

Shieldbearer's Blocka of Brutality (Scout Emblems)

Unknown Name (Scout Emblems)

Shieldbearer's Blocka of Cruelty (Soldier Emblems)

Shieldbearer's Blocka of Barbarity (Officer Emblems)

Shieldbearer's Blocka of Vehemence (Officer Emblems)

Mystery Shield

I enjoy the Greenskin artwork quite a bit.  My favorite of the new models has to be the wood with a bullseye painted on it.  Remember, the new appearance system works on shields too, so if you don't like the look of yours there are plenty of options now.