Monday, August 16, 2010

1.3.6 Features Part 2

In part 1, we took a look at the new Auction House changes and other nice features which may be overlooked in the behemoth that is 1.3.6.  This time, we will take a peek at some of the bigger changes coming our way, which we will most likely see tomorrow on live!

The appearance system is one of the headline features of the 1.3.6 patch.  It basically gives you a second set of armor slots which are only used for looks.  You and your allies will see the new appearance while your enemies will see what you are actually wearing.  To view your appearance slots, check the box circled below.

In 1.3.6, you will no longer be able to summon players to the Land of the Dead.  This change would make it a pain to get your group together due to the dungeon entrance PQ.  To alleviate this problem, they added two Window's of Perpetuity which will let you port into the instance and bypass the Temple of Ualatp PQ.  The only catch is you have to visit the dungeon once before being able to use it.

The Window's are underground at the points circled on the map.

With the Land of the Dead no longer being accessible to players lower than rank 32, special spawns have been added to the RvR lakes in Tier 2 and 3 of the Empire pairing.  You will find lotd-like Skaven spawns which offer better than normal XP.

In Tier 3, there is a special Gutter Runner spawn.  He is worth quite a bit of XP and Renown, if you can find him.  He wanders around the lake in stealth and only if the keeps and objectives are not under attack.  You will get hints as to where he has been seen though.

Last but not least, we have the Against all Odds system.  When outnumbered in a RvR lake, you will receive a special buff which will increase your renown, influence and experience rewards.  It can go all the way up to 400%!  This will affect gains from kills and keep/objective taking.