Thursday, July 22, 2010

RvR Changes on the Horizon

Mythic has announced some very interesting RvR changes coming in 1.3.6. The changes are aimed at bringing more life and action to Tiers 2 and 3, which are often neglected.  Tiers 1 and 4 are full of RvR fun, so how is Mythic going to do the same for the middle tiers?

Land of the Dead.  Players can no longer be summoned to this zone.  This means no more power leveling of brand new characters.  Also, the flight master will only allow rank 32 characters and above to fly to the zone.  Prior to this it allowed rank 25's to use the transport.

While the LoTD was great for leveling, it emptied out Tiers 2 and 3.  Players with friends or active guilds could take advantage of this while many new players could not.  They would  have a lot of fun with RvR in Tier 1 just to find the next two tiers were not nearly as active.  With this change, leveling characters will not all be off in the Land of the Dead.

Skaven Sightings.  In addition to the above change, a better reason to be in the RvR lakes to level is needed for these tiers.  NPC encampments/spawns have been added to the Empire RvR lakes, which offer fast respawns and better XP.

They should attract more players to the lakes which will mean more fighting.  I like to think of these sorts of spawns as RvR triggers.  It may start with a few people just PvE farming, but eventually it will turn into an escalating RvR battle.  It provides an activity for small groups or solo players to do in the RvR lake.
Overall, I am pretty excited about these changes.  My Tier 2 and 3 alts will now see some increased playtime since I will just head to the lakes and look for a fight.