Friday, July 30, 2010

News from the Front: I smell a rat!

Well, it has been quite a week.  There has been a ton of interesting WAR news and we have not even gotten to the Producer's Letter yet.  I have also spent some time playing Starcraft 2, which is top notch.  Let's get down to business, on to the WAR roundup.


  • The WAR forums have officially been moved to the BioWare Social Network.  As with any change, people are reluctant to embrace the new setup.  Be sure to check out the video too!
  • Carrie gives an informative and funny ( thanks Google Translate! ) interview to  Yea, I can't wait for Gamescom! What could it be about... hmmmmm.
  • Mike Wyatt lets us know about the new elite reward for the Weekend Warfronts. 
  • Don't forget tonight's (8pm EST) PTS Stability Test to be preceded by a Developer Q&A on the BioWare Mythic Ventrilo server at 4:00 PM EDT/22:00 CET! (@Andy_Mythic)
  • Mykiel has put together screenshots of the High Elf scenario weapon artwork. Lot's of nice weapons, but still, they are made by Elves.  Gimmie a fine Dwarven weapon any day of the week.
  • Do you play MMO's?  Is your opinion the only correct one and everyone must hear it whether they want to or not?  If so, you will want to check our Rancid's guide to armchair design.
  • Gaarawar has released another mammoth sized guide.  This time it covers the Land of the Dead's epic quest line for Order.  I had no idea it was so involved.
  • Rank-n-vile worries that the big WAR announcement may be nothing at all.  Do not fear, it is looking more like something important every day!
  • Bootae writes about changes to the core of Warhammer.  It seems Games Workshop has also adopted a two realm model.  Could this give an insight to the impending August announcement?
  • Krosuss also weighs in on Warhammers two realm change by comparing the two sides.  He is right, Destruction is much more interesting overall.  Order has Dwarves and I forget who else ;)
  • Thrangis takes a trip into the sewers and meets some unexpected guests
  • Thehealeroftru posts a humorous guide to keep defense. Damn those freeloading chicken! They are tasty though.
  • Spitjaw shows off some of his dueling as a Marauder. Interesting video, if you full screen it you can get a good idea about the rotations and skills that they use. 
  • Mass RvR video from EcipWar.  Huge battles and great quality.  Is the day over yet?  I want to get in the game after watching this.  Haven't heard Breathe in a long time either.
  • Codyturk posted a Bright Wizard video.  RvR footage with the requisite big numbers. Might want to turn down the speakers for this one. 
  • Want some more Marauder action?  He says it's his first 3d video, I'm not sure if that means 3d or just that the game is 3d.