Friday, July 23, 2010

News from the Front: 1.3.6 Ho!

As the title suggests, Warhammer Online's 1.3.6 patch is right around the corner.  Yesterday, the patch notes were posted and the response has been pretty positive.  As for me this week, I've been in a tank kind of mood, so my Ironbreaker has seen more playing time.  What is everyone else up to?


  • The patch notes for 1.3.6 have been posted.  It is also up on the PTS, so what are you waiting for, go check it out!  There will be a couple PTS events over the next 2weeks as well.
  • Mike Wyatt gave us some details on changes to the Land of the Dead and Tiers 1 and 2.  As I mentioned yesterday, I am very excited about getting on my alts and fighting in the middle tiers.
  • The Your WAR Story contest ends Monday, so get your entries in while you can!
  • Mr. Meh posted a guide about playing a Disciple of Kaine.  It covers several play styles, including: HealDoK, FailDoK, LolDok and the new MehDoK.  He also celebrated his 1 year blog anniversary, congrats!
  • Shadow WAR has posted an interesting series about his experience as a Blackguard. That is one class which has never appealed to me, probably due to the fact it's an elf.  Sure is a "Dark" one, but an elf is an elf. 
  • Bootae asks, "Best Guild EU/US is?".  The answer is simple, whichever guild has the most Dwarfs, is the best.  If there is a tie, the one with the most Engineers wins. 
  • Rancid, who some how managed to survive his perilous journey at sea, posts about some of the Sovereign armor set changes as they affect his Shaman.  Sadly, he is taking a bit of a break.  He'll be back though.
  • What happens when you get a bunch of WAR players together, a pallet of boxed wine and a beach?  Find out at WAR Day Out.  I've heard rumors that it might be webcast too, so keep a look out for that.
  • The WAR Bureau has released a very nice portfolio of some of the places she has visited.  I've always been a fan of WAR's graphics, which I think are usually underrated.
  • Hey, you, want to see some super secret images of WAR's next false expansion?  A lot of Bothans died to get this info to thehealeroftru. 
  • A Chosen discusses his classes tactics.  It's a nice intro to the class and how it plays in Tier 4.
  • A video from WAR Asia, which shows off the Tomb of the Vulture Lord 8th boss fight.  I'm not really sure what is going on, as I've only seen up to boss #5.
  • You know what class I dislike, Witch Elves, always sneaking up and killing a Dwarf.  You'll never see a Dwarf being sneaky, we prefer a more direct approach, in the face.  I never noticed all of the moaning before...
  • Cram the Spam.  If gold spammers are bothering you, check out this addon which should make it easier to ignore them and keep them ignored.
  • Keep Release.  This addon gives you more info about claimed keeps and also lets you release them.