Friday, July 9, 2010

News from the Front 7/9

It has been a rather busy week for WAR.  The importing of the EU servers looks like it is nearly complete.  I like the idea of having everyone under the Mythic umbrella rather than different publishers.  Some of the plans for the new Sovereign armor sets were also made public to a mixed reception.


  • The tank version of Sovereign armor set was posted and then re-posted based on player feedback. I like that Mythic does listen, even if it probably encourages some over-dramatic forum posters.  That is what forums are for I suppose.
  • The EU server forums are now open for business!
  • Super Effective would like to see the armor set redesign happen to lower level items as well.  I definitely agree and hope Mythic has the time to do it.  It is probably not a trivial amount of work though.
  • Skar hopes that Bioware Mythic does not go down the RealID road.  If they did, I would almost certainly never post on the forums.  Hopefully the backlash is giving Blizzard second thoughts.
  • Have you been wondering what ze WAR has been up to?  The last couple weeks had to be rough on EU players.  Hopefully things will be back to normal for you guys soon.
  • Krosuss has an unnatural affection for titles.  Sounds like a title-sapian relationship, which is still very much taboo (Futurama anyone?).
  • Zizlak wants to know why some people play games to not actually play them. I know what you mean.  My guess is they are not playing for entertainment but rather for a false sense of accomplishment. 
  • Run twisting has posted a very interesting guide about setting up 'click healing' using some common addons.  There is also a video which shows how it can make your healing more effective.  I'm not sure I really like the use of NerfButtons, but it isn't needed to accomplish the task.
  • Mr. Meh would like to be able to opt out of gold bags.  This would be a nice feature.  A lot of players just don't need what is in many of the Tier 4 gold bags, since they can get materials out of the lesser bags too. 
  • RvR video from Germany.  It shows off some outnumbered fighting some of which use terrain advantages.  
  • The Luminaries posted a city siege Stage 3 video.  Got to love the video game music in the beginning.  It does show the entire stage and at a nice resolution.