Friday, July 2, 2010

News from the Front 7/2

It has been a big week for WAR.  We got a Producer's Letter and several new 1.3.6 discussion threads on the forums.  It is shaping up to be another excellent patch.  Also happening this week is the takeover of WAR EU by Bioware Mythic from GOA.  Here we go...


New WAR Blog
  • Welcome to the WAR Aura!  He's a Chosen (hence the Aura) who plays on Karak-Azgal.  Stop by and say hi!
  • One Man Waaagh wants to know what this WAR map is about.  I've never seen that either, but that goes for a lot of the PvE content.  
  • WAR portraits thinks about the possibility of Skaven being added as a faction.  He has some excellent artwork to show too.  Very impressive!
  • Aeo wonders what effect the move will have on the EU servers.  I am also curious to see what WAR will be like with no renown/xp gains for a few days.
  • Are you a Warrior Priest who happens to be a jerk?  If you answered yes, ze WAR has a guide for you. It also has some good WAR info ;)
  • Zizlak writes about the new rarity of Officer Medallions.  He also did a site redesign, so go check it out. 
  • Beach party! Skar checks out Tier 1 on a Choppa (booooo) to find an event being run by GOA.  Looks fun, I'd like to see this a bit more often.
  • Bootae gives his thoughts on the latest Producer's Letter.  He does raise some interesting points, I guess we will see how it all plays out on the live servers.
  • What happens when you have three Witch Hunters working together? Pain... sometimes.  The DoK in the beginning could post his own video.
  • Lost Vale spider boss is taken down by a 5-man party. I've actually beaten this boss, not a bad fight, although I hear it can be a pain though.
  • Heh, now this is how you start out a video! It also has some nice small scale RvR footage.
  • 6 vs 6 video.  I like how they left the vent chatter in, shows a bit of the organization that goes on.  Kudos to them for making the PvP happen.
  • RangeFadingSquared.  An addon to an addon (Squared) which will cause player icons to fade based on range.