Thursday, July 15, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, Steam was having a sale to end all sales.  In addition to a huge amount of discounted games, they had a number of special sales every day.  I'm pretty sure I was not alone in anticipating each days sale.  The instant gratification factor did not help things either.  The question is not whether I bought something, it is how much money did Steam leave me?

I actually didn't go crazy and buy up all of the games on sale.  I did buy a few though:

Hearts of Iron 3 Package.  Funny thing, I already own the standalone version of HoI3.  What I didn't have was the Semper Fi expansion pack which was recently released. I took a look at the numbers and the cost to buy the expansion pack from other stores was as much as the complete package from steam.  So I re-bought it.

Civilization 4 Package.  Yea... I actually own the standalone version of this too.  In addition to the original, I had one of the expansion packs and Colonization.  There was one expansion pack which I lacked.  Much like HoI3, it just made more sense to buy the whole thing again rather than buying the expansion pack separately.

Tales from Monkey Island.  I've been a fan of adventure games ever since I played the original Kings Quest.  Sadly, that genre had fallen to the wayside.  Telltale Games has since revitalized it, so I had to jump on the deal.  I've played it a bit but it just might not be working out.

It's not you Monkey Island, it's me.  I'm not sure of the exact reason, but I can't seem to wrap my head around puzzles like I used to.  Adventure games are not really fun if you have to cheat and look up tips.  Even so, if they made a new Space Quest, I'd be all over it.