Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Should the Endless Trial end?

WAR takes a different approach when it comes to a trial. Instead of limiting it by days, you can play as long as you want in the first tier.  There are some other restrictions, but it has proven popular.  Today we have a guest post by Grilar.  He is not so sure that the Endless Trial is good for the game.

I think the Endless Trial  may need to end.

I still  love playing Warhammer.  My main guy is a 40/80  pull engie and have a bunch of alts.   Many of my friends and guildies have left Warhammer for various reasons.    I decided to roll a new character to look for some new players for my guild Fight on the Flag.  I rolled a Shadow Warrior which is the only class I have never really played.  I have done more RvR in this game than is probably healthy.  I know what I am doing.  Tier 1 open RvR is rough.  I am not sure if I was a new player that did not really know the game if I would stick with it.

I understand the intention of the endless trial.  Mythic wants to bring in new player base.  They may be doing just that. I have no idea how many people sign up.  What I found however in Tier 1 was players twinked to the max since they have been fully leveled for a while.  The other thing I found was lots of difficult personalities who are less than cordial in chat.  Yes, it is part of the game to deal with difficult foes and not nice "allies" but is that the first exposure they want to try to draw people in? 

My Shadow Warrior is 17ish and past T1 now.  I am having a blast in T2 playing again.  I am sure many people disagree but I think it may be time for the endless trial to end or perhaps be modified if the upper tiers are going to survive and the player base grow.


Thanks Grilar!  If you are interested in doing a guest post, just send me an e-mail.