Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winds of Change

Have you heard about the new Winds of Change system Mythic is implementing? If not, you can check it out here. Basically, it is a bouncer. If a zone becomes too crowded and nears the point of crashing, the bouncer will eject people... starting with the undesirables. It's amazing how a video game can mirror the real world. In this case, undesirable would be dead or dying.

Players are warned that the system is about to activate. Also, Mythic does state they anticipate this being a temporary system.

I would say I am objective and optimistic as bloggers go. However, this change does not sit well with me at all. Mythic has been working on performance issues for months now, and this is their solution to buy themselves more time.

What really worries me is how they arrived at this decision. They probably looked at the time/cost it would take to fix the problem and the time/cost to put in this Winds system. The core problem must be very serious if they are going to take the time to implement a new system.

This just leads back the the main issue with WAR. It was not built to be an Open RvR game. WAR was mainly going to be an instanced PvP game, and it has shown that it works very well when doing that. This new system, the fortress caps, the city siege, are all really just moving it towards being pseudo-instanced.

Mythic is in a bad spot here, so I understand why they have to put in this system. Sure, we'd all like to have the engine handle hundreds of players perfectly, but that is not reality and no amount of angry fist shaking will get it done. So what would you rather have, zone crashes or a bouncer?

EDIT: Thanks to Bootae for pointing out that Mythic has withdrawn the Winds of Change system. Can I take credit for them changing? Sure why not... you're welcome ;)


The winds of change system is still no garantuee that the game will run "smooth"..

It may just not crash that often, but even that is something that has to be proved yet.

News just in mate:
It's blown away, in it's current form at least. Lets hope it doesn't come back.

So basically Mythic is gonna start stealing my kills. Here's what I invision... getting a group of enemy's down to low heath and there magically transported to safety...GG /facepalm

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