Friday, April 24, 2009

Beyond the Sands Verdict

It has been a busy week for Warhammer Online due to the Beyond the Sands Live Event. I think this was a record amount of posts for me. So for Friday, I'll take it easy.

Q: What did you think of Beyond the Sands?

Overall, I thought it was one of the better live events. The Quests and story was engaging and there was plenty of RvR action. There are areas for improvement but nothing too major.


I had a lot of fun with the recent Live Event. T4 had some frenzy style action with each faction rushing to collect their phat lewt while bumping into each other. Pug-warband and all, our healers actually healed anything that moved and rezzed anyone that hit the ground. Medallions were dropping like crazy, and in the hour I was out, I picked up 5 and rolled on two crests.

People in region though, man. I answered so many damn questions over and over. Google people. Google. It is your friend.

It's ok except that the 'depot' in tier 3 in The Badlands is right on the doorstep of the destruction camp so it's very hard to do any of the tasks like investigate the conspicous skeleton, which takes 5 seconds, without getting attacked, killed and then having to make the Looooong walk back to the depot to try again. Good concept poor execution, in tier 3 at least

I am not too impressed with the live event. The only thing that I was semi excited about was the pocket item which may come useful in a 1v1.

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