Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WAR's New End Game

The Land of the Dead, RvR dungeon, is fast approaching. When it gets here, it will likely becomes WAR's new end game. That honor currently resides with the city siege, which is widely criticized. Why will the LotD become the new end game?

Accessible. City sieges, on average, happen probably once a week for 2 hours. I have no data to back up the frequency and it varies on the server. They can last longer than 2 hours (the first stage), but our server never passes. The LotD will be accessible by one or both of the realms at all times. It will likely be a daily occurrence to fight in the LotD.

Rewards. The token system in the LotD (silver, golden scarabs) will allow you to acquire equipment up to and equal to Warlord level. I'm going to make another baseless claim and say that most of WAR's population is still wearing some Annihilator gear. Even though the best equipment (Sovereign) will not be obtainable, many upgrades will be found for players here.

Tokens can drop from everything in the LotD, so they will likely come at a faster pace than back in the old world. Also consider the Renown required for the Sovereign sets (70's). It won't be a concern for a lot of people.

Fun. I don't know too many people who find the city siege fun. The LotD may turn out not to be fun either, but it hardly seems like it could be less fun than what we have now.

Conflict of Interest. Locking zones is how you make it to the capital city. Now locking zones will also contribute to your taking control of the LotD. It seems likely that once access is obtained, most people will abandon the campaign and board the airships. Now the other side will reclaim the lost zones to gain access. Rinse and repeat.

So we may not see any city captures for a while. That is probably a good thing as it will hopefully give Mythic some time to figure out what they want to do. Players will need a pretty good reason to go to the city rather than the LotD.


Indeed! I believe LotD will bring us one more improvement as well - splitting up the zergs.

I also agree completely with your Conflict of Interest section. Back in DAOC, the main reason people took keeps was to gain control of Darkness Falls. Sure, people went after the artifacts from time to time, but it was much less frequent. I believe we'll see far fewer city sieges as well.

If the current rate is 2-3 city sieges per week on Phoenix Throne, I'll predict 2-3 city sieges per month once LotD comes out.

Interesting post mate. So do you think LotD sound the death knell for the city campaign entirely?

I hope not, as I'd like to see not only the city sieges improved, but the missing cities ASAP too. I want options and I'm starting to get a little concerned how a new zone designed for levels 25-40 is going to cope with the number of players. Considering the problems we have with lag now, I really hope Mythic have this well thought out.

Unlike the latest "fix" to zone crashing: http://www.uptowar.com/view/winds-of-change-on-dark-crag/15454.html :/

My only concern is that LotD will be Solo and small group friendly. I heard talkes of the content scaling for difficulty. I hope that's the case. I'm reminded of Guildwars...The Underworld and Fissure or Woe were PVP gated area's...They were huge..they had different area's in there area's all had some solo/small group friendly spots...

Hmm, I never thought of it that way. Draw attention away from the cities while they work on them all hush-hush. Hope that's the plan!

RE: 2 to 3 city seiges a week. Some days on Karak Eight Peaks, the order capital is under seige 2/3 times a day. Yes I am not joking, it's getting that frequent.

So if destruction can lock you out of your capital that much and that denies access to your air ship, we could be looking at total denial of access to LotD.

Does anyone know what level your capital needs to be to provide an airship access.

I'm going to guess the airship will be available at all city levels (probably off of the platform you land on).

Current record for city sieges on my server in a day stands at 4 i believe

Definitely a diversion so they can fix/update/improve the city siege experience. And not a bad one at that.

I think they've learned that the Vegas loot/lottery system for getting gear stinks. So LotD will have plentiful scarabs/tokens drop so you can get comparable gear there. Meanwhile, they can fix the other loot system.

Also, it's new content so folks will want to go there. Similar to Live Events, people get focused on the live event and some of the other things slip. I can see that happening with LotD. That first week should be interesting.

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