Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3 things I want from Champions Online

With the possible release of Champions Online coming in the next few months, I have started to follow it a bit more. I never played City of Heroes too much, as I caught on to it late in the game. With Champions on the horizon, I always figured I should just wait for it. Now that it is almost here, there are 3 things I am expecting.

Character Customization. Since Cryptic also made City of Heroes, the character creation in CO should be as least as good. That is a great start because you could really go wild and make the kind of character you wanted. Powersets are also losing their restrictions in CO, so you can mix and match as you please. It is looking very good on this front.

Throw Stuff. Pretty simple, I want to throw my enemies around and throw stuff at them. For some reason, I have always enjoyed throwing stuff around in video games. Knockbacks are a lot of fun in WAR and other games. If we can add in the ability to toss a car or rock at your enemy, all the better.

Casual. If I play casually, will that mean I play alone? I really hope not. In City of Heroes, there was a sidekick system that let you play with people +/- 5 (maybe 10) levels without a penalty. I would love to see this expanded a bit more for CO. From what I've read, it looks like CO will have such a system.

So those are the 3 things I want from Champions Online. Nothing too fancy or crazy.


The SK system in Coh goes the whole range. 50's can sk a level 1 if they want.

Granted I cant see them leaving some of the better parts of City Of out in their own CoX2.

Sounds what you want is what DC Universe Online is going to be, course, no one could do a charater customization interface like Cryptic, but if SoE pulls it off, then DC is where you will want to be, especially since you can toss people all over the place in that game, including the scenery.

I just want a beta key and hope the combat is not turn based. I want a true action packed fast paced console style MMO. I'm getting burnt out on Auto-attack MMOs. Now if they could port CO to the Wii I bet this would be the biggest MMO ever! Xbox 360, Wii, and PC would rule the world!

I would love a game that comes up with an exciting way to level. leveling to 40 or 60 or 80 is just lame. I wish this could be addressed by the next generation of MMOs

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