Monday, April 27, 2009

Beyond the Sands Improvements

While Beyond the Sands was a good Live Event, there are a couple ways that Mythic can improve them in the future.

RvR Public Quests. In this event, the Fallen Kings PQ required a realm to collect 2 our of 3 artifacts and bring them to a central location. Once that is done, the boss is triggered. The problem with this setup is that it actually encourages people not to fight over the boss. It is much easier just to go to another zone and complete it without any interference.

During the Witching Night live event, they also had a RvR PQ. In this one, you had to kill X amount of players to trigger the boss. The result was some huge fights between dozens of players. This setup encouraged players to fight and they did.

There is a flaw to using player kills as a PQ stage; lower tiers may not have the population to support it. For them, another task (kill X amount of skeletons) could be added to allow them to trigger the second stage of the PQ.

Hopefully in future events we will see PQ's that result in some pretty large battles.

Quests. The live event quest line was a very nice addition, one I hope we see in most upcoming events. Maybe it's just me, but Chapter 3 (for Order) became very confusing. I think part of the problem was that it involved Thunder Mountain and Dragonwake. The quest giver was in both zones at the same time. I actually never realized he was in DW until the last quest, so I kept going back and forth.

In future events, I'd like to see them stick to a single zone or pairing. At the very least, the quests needs to be play-tested more to work out confusion and bugs.

Other than those two things, I thought the event worked out great. I can't wait for Rise of the Tomb Kings in about a month!


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