Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sight beyond sight

Thundercats, Ho! It would seem we have a Thundercats fan on the dev team. Aviator Goggles, grant me sight beyond sight...

Have you received your Aviator Goggles, Elite reward from the Beyond the Sands Live Event, yet? If so, you may be wondering what to use them for. Other than looking stylish of course.

The tooltip says that the goggles let you see hidden Nehekaran treasure. The question is, is there treasure to be found in the game yet? The answer is yes! I thought the goggles would only be useful in the Land of the Dead, but I was wrong.

So to find the hidden treasure you put on the Aviator goggles and you should get the 'sight beyond sight' buff. Without the buff, the treasure will remain hidden. Next step is to run around and look for it. When you find a treasure chest, it will look like this.

In order to open it, just use an attack. Once opened, it can be looted just like anything else. So far I have only found one item in it, a Silver Scarab.

Seems like this may be a basic token for use in the Land of the Dead. I do wonder if there is a common (white) version though, as this says trivial, it seems not. Once you loot the chest, it does become visible for everyone to see.

Many treasure hunters work alone and for good reason. If you loot a chest in a group it will be rolled on. So you may want to consider that before you set out on your quest.

Where can you find the treasure? This is hidden treasure.... I'm not going to come out and tell you exactly. I will tell you that I have found chests in tier 4 zones in the vicinity of the Fallen Kings PQ's. It could be in other places though.


Nice look with the goggles...I should be getting mine tonight after doing a few more things.

Hopefully mine look a lot better on my Gobbo than what the look like on a silly stuntie..

nice to know to look around the Fallen Kings PQ's for the treasure too.

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