Monday, April 20, 2009

How the Land of the Dead works

Mythic released a new video about the Land of the Dead, this time it is full of juicy details (thanks Tok!) Since it's Monday, let's get right down to it. If you want to watch the full video, it can be found here.

Expedition. Since the Land of the Dead is pretty far away, we'll have to take airships. These airships are not cheap and require a significant amount of resources. Once a side gathers enough resources, they are able to go to the zone. These resources are made up of Tier 4 Zone Control and player kills.

A short time later. Once access is unlocked, all resource gathering stops for 30 minutes. This is the time the 'victors' get to be in the Land of the Dead alone. Once the 30 minutes is up, the victor resource gathering is reset and the other realm's goes on from where it left off. This should result in them gaining access to the Land of the Dead soon after.

The Binge. There are about 36 Public Quests (18 on each realms side). According to the video, they all contain different mechanics, so should be pretty varied. Every PQ is also Solo friendly. There are also tougher group targeted enemies lurking around too. Everything in the zone has a chance to drop tokens.

Tokens. They can drop from everything, including players and npc's here in the Necropolis. They can be exchanged for gear whose upper power limits are comparable to Warlord.

Lairs. There will be several instanced lairs. Entrance is gained by getting glyphs from the PQ's. These glyphs will remain in your Tome of Knowledge until you defeat the lair. You should also know that these instances are not safe from your enemies. They can enter them at any time as well.

The Purge. When the opposing realm gains control, you will no longer be able to respawn in the LotD. You'll likely to be able to rez, but without a respawn the former realm will slowly be evicted from the area. The invading side will be given quests to clear the battlefield of the opposing realm up to (and including it looks like) their camp.

This video has me pretty excited for June... we just have to get through May. I would love to see some LotD game footage soon too. We have not even gotten to the pyramid (Tomb of the Vulture Lord) yet.

Did you know that the latest Live Event for WAR, Beyond the Sands , starts today?


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