Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Land of the Dead Diary

Over on the Warhammer Herald, a new Dev Diary was released about the upcoming Land of the Dead Live Expansion. It is a pretty nice read as it gives some insight into what Mythic wants with this new experience.

Expedition Resource System. This is something new , at least to me. In the context, it could mean that in order to enter the RvR dungeon, a certain number of resources must be collected. Zone capture and world RvR kills are mentioned as a part of the system. Anything that encourages players to fight sounds good to me. There is likely a missing piece here, as I doubt too many of the opposing side will be hanging outside the dungeon once they get access.

Theme. It seems the Land of the Dead theme was one of many they were considering. I think they made the right choice. I like the setting of the campaign, but I would like to see some different visuals. An Egyptian-like setting should look amazing.

Indiana Jones. Anything is influenced by Indiana Jones is a step in the right direction for me.

Traps. In addition to a swinging pendulum, spitting darts are also mentioned. I am really curious to see how traps will work with the whole Purge mechanic.

Instances. Not even instances will be safe from the enemy. That should lead to some very interesting stand-offs. I can imagine a wayward AoE aggro'ing the boss and all hell breaking loose.

It is really looking good. June is fast approaching, so I really hope we see more articles and teasers. With as large as the zone and dungeon is, we should be able to get weekly sneak-peaks or other features to raise the excitement level.


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