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Late last week, Mythic gave us some details on their new token system. This is similar to badges in WoW and other bartering (token) systems. Medallions are loot, which are rolled on, and can be traded in for items at a npc. They are bound to you though, so no giving them to another player or alt.

I am pretty excited about seeing this system come to WAR. One thing that the game has been missing is any sort of progression to the next set of armor. I can't remember the last time I got a new piece of armor (that I didn't buy). Tirew is wearing 2 Conqueror pieces and 3 Annihilator still. The odds of me getting any Fortress rewards or City PQ rewards have been very slim. Now, I can start to work towards those by just participating.

ANY player who participates in a keep capture will be rewarded 2 common medallions appropriate for that tier content.

Did you ever get that deja vu feeling? The easiest way to get medallions will be to take an undefended keep. This will just encourage keep swapping, just like influence did. Players should be rewarded, but why 2? One medallion would be more appropriate. Zone capture does give players who participated in the siege medallions too. So why should the undefended keep swapping give better rewards than a zone capture?

Crests (higher level medallions) are also rewarded on city siege PQ completion. If there is a mostly empty instance, the players will pretty much farm all the crests they will need for a piece of gear in 1 shot. Again it seems like avoiding combat is being rewarded.

Another questions is how will this system work with the Land of the Dead? I am going to bet that it will have it's own version of this token system.

Overall, I am happy to see a token system. It should add a lot to WAR and make the end game a bit more interesting for many players. At present though, it seems like there are too many rewards for not fighting players. Please Mythic, reward fighting players, not npc's.


Did you see the price of some of these items though? 250 medallions for a piece of Annihilator. That's 150 keep takes... If that's the easiest way to get this new token gear, I think I just puked a little in my mouth.

I hope the best way to get tokens is by killing other players.

I don't think that 125 is all that much. When influence came out, I remember thinking it'll take forever to get the max rewards. Folks had no problem maxing it out through flipping.

Thing is, you get influence from BOs as well, which really amps up the rate of influence gain if you participate in swapping. BOs won't reward medallions in the new system and keeps flip much less frequently these days than they did in the past due to zone domination, which gives an incentive to defend them.

Personally, I think the prices on this gear is way overboard. If players drop a whackload of medallions and crests, then it's potentially all right but if your goal is to solely gain tokens from keeps, forts, city PQs, and zone flips, have fun with that! :P

There are only 6 T4 keeps. Even if you flipped every single keep once per day, which isn't going to happen for even the most hardcore player, it will take you 21 days to get enough influence for a SINGLE piece of Annihilator gear (not factoring tokens gained from anything else). That's not anywhere near overpowered imho...

There are 6 T4 keeps open at any give time, true. But back in influence days, keeps would change hands by the hour. I don't think someone taking 10 keeps a day (20 medallions) is that far fetched.

I'm trying to get some data from Nazgum about daily average keep flips on the PT server. My estimate is that you might see 20 T4 keeps flip per day at a maximum, and participating in half those those is pretty unlikely given most people can only put in 2-3 hours per session (1/12th of the time).

Often times when I log in, our side owns 4 of the 6 keeps, so there's only a 1/3 opportunity for me to take keeps for tokens. That's not too viable, especially since you won't gain tokens from defending keeps initially.

Well now the state of the game is quite different when influence came on the scene. I just don't want to see a return to the constant keep flipping we experienced back then.

I think players will get medallion blinded and just want to do whatever will get them the tokens and their gear. Holding keeps will not be the easiest route to that goal compared to taking them.

Here is a beautiful post that takes the words right out of my mouth about how "grindy" this new system will be. Given my rate of play, this token system will benefit me by a whopping factor of ZERO.

Aion can't release soon enough.

I guess a link would help:

I was excited about this change until you posted the prices... now Conan is looking even more appealing to me.

Don't forget this part though:

"Players who win a PQ bag will have the choice of taking the item out of the bag or a medallion reward instead. Players who do not win a PQ bag will automatically be awarded medallions directly into their inventory."

So, they're not taking away the PQ loot bags for keeps, just adding the additional way to acquire loot.

At least you know that you will get a piece of gear at some point. I have done tons and tons of keep raids and I have won 1 gold bag ever! The medallion system likely won't be perfect, but at least I know I am on even ground with everyone else when it comes to getting something eventually. :o)


I think that killing players will be the way to go, which is what I think Mythic intend.

It's not going to be about the flipping the keeps, but kills. Getting people to fight each other.

Which is why the keep flips have such a low reward. Mythic I think have learnt that people will go with the easiest path, which in this case will not be the keep flips. Which I think we would all like to avoid.

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