Friday, April 3, 2009

Looking to start a Blog?

Have you dreamed of being like Syp?
Do you sit around thinking, "Man, I wish I was Keen"?
Do you have a pent up rant that you must get out? You too can be like Hudson and release it upon the world.

The folks behind MMO Guildsites have created another site for MMO blogs, MMO Fansites.

Why use them instead of Blogger/Wordpress? They offer most of the same services, but they are also a community dedicated to MMO's.

Here are some other differences:

  • Easy to enable gaming plugins, such as wowhead and wardb, which isn't possible on blogger or the hosted wordpress without code editing.
  • Detailed theming and layout tools which are quite different from blogger or wordpress.
  • The homepage listings, which can help drive traffic and currently includes recent posts, a featured post and blog, and recent tags.
  • The option to email them if you want a feature, which they will likely try to include.
I am not being compensated in any way, just thought it was a nice service that may be of interest. Check them out at


Pretty sweet. I just set one up in under 5 minutes

Very nice place so far. mmofansites has actually been around for quite a while. Nazgum is one of the earliest posters on there.

Interesting find, thanks for that W!

I dream of being Syp EVERY DAY.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

The comment about Hud made me smile.

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