Thursday, April 30, 2009

Making Fortresses Fun

Fortresses in WAR are not very fun at the moment. They pretty much go down the same way every time with very little in the way of actually moving. I was thinking about this and came up with an idea that might improve the situation. It is likely not fun or feasible though.

Fortress Zone. Mythic said, albeit it a while ago, that they were looking into making the fortress its own zone (loading screen). This should be done ASAP. If it is its own full zone, it can be much bigger. Having the fortress be bigger is essential.

Objectives. There should objectives that can be captured by the invading force, similar to Battlefield Objectives. Once all are captured, the Fort Lord's room is opened.

Respawn. Most importantly, each side would be able to respawn inside the zone, until the Fort Lord is attackable. As a siege plays out now, defenders don't have much of a choice but to defend near the Fort Lord. This is because if their line breaks, it is game over... wherever they setup defense. Allowing respawns for most of the siege will encourage defense in other areas, since they will respawn and be able to get back in the action.

This is basically turning the fortress siege into a pseudo-scenario. The door mechanics would remain pretty much the same. They are really just minor speed bumps anyhow. A bigger zone, with objectives and respawns should lead to a more mobile experience which would be more fun (maybe).


My only concern is that cities are already in their own zone and if you've ever participated in a city siege, you'll know that hiding behind a loading screen in WAR does not necessarily improve performance. :(

making it its own zone should help. Fort lag (at least on my server) seems to be a LOT worse when theres fighting still going on in that teir (ie just outside the fort).

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