Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fallen Kings PQ

Mythic must of heard my wishes and here we have a RvR Boss Fight PQ, you're welcome. What do you mean they had to have it put together before my post this morning? So for you poor saps in an office, far away from your WAR client, here is the deal.

It has 2 stages. The first stage is to get 2 artifacts to the Sarcophagus. There are 3 total, you can see them on the map.

No, you can't pick it up and go hide in a BO or Keep. If you do, they will go back to their crates.

Once you get 2 of the artifacts back to the Sarcophagus, you advance to Stage 2.

The Liche Priest is a level 40 Hero who is none to pleased that we woke him up. Well that's just too bad, we want your bags! He has his own version of napalm, but it involves scarabs.

The swarm consumed one of my allies... what a way to go. We got wiped on our first try. The 2nd attempt we did manage to defeat him, as we had a lot of healing. Overall the boss was not very hard. That is how it should be though, since most of the time your enemies will be lurking.

One important thing to remember: The PQ chest will spawn in your Warcamp, not on the scene.

It was a fun fight, I am looking forward to playing it when more folks on both sides are around.


We did not get any gold bag drops. We had a party of about 5 or 6... so we only got green bags. I plan on getting involved when there are a lot more there.

Hmm the previous two live events that had PQ's always gave at least 1 gold bag. That you had 5-6 people and only greens is kind of lame.

Seems weird that they would take a step back with loot while the hero was harder.

BTW = Squirrt - Squig Herder Magnus, I wish your comment lever was a bit more friendly.

Squirrt: You can't use the Name/URL option?

I thought I had tried before but did not seem to work. I will try again.

Yes it worked taht time, weird though you always have to hit the Post comment twice, it never goes through the first time. /shrug

Agree with Squirrt, requires the poster to press post comment twice.

Really? Strange... it only asks me once. I'll have to see if it is browser related.

It appears that IE does have an issue. Sorry about that... I'll look into why.

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