Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Treasure Tickets

So I decided to check out Free Realms. I'll have my actual thoughts on it soon, but first... Treasure Tickets! Who doesn't like treasure in ticket form? You gain Treasure Tickets by completing various goals in mini-games. For example, knocking out 12 blocks in the harvest mini-game will net you a ticket. So if you were wondering how to get them, so far it seems like you just play the games.

You can see your tickets in your item sack, the last button is the ticket tab, so click on it. Now that you see your tickets, where do you redeem them? The description says Sanctuary... which is located in the middle of your map.

If you look closely, you can see the arrow, there is also a little icon of a ticket on the map. Once you get there, be sure to check under the bridge! Once you find the cave, you're greeted with a troll.

Ok, enough of this... onto the treasure! In the back you can see two gates, one of which should be clickable. Go click on it.

Inside the treasure room, you'll find 3 chests. Each chests corresponds to an amount of tickets and levels. The minimum ticket quantities are 10, 20 and 30. If you have less, no treasure for you. I happen to have 10 tickets, so I click on the chest and....

I got a pair of Wacky Crash Pants! Since I have no clue what they are, i checked my inventory under New Items.

There you have it. I still don't know what they do... but I guess I'm happy to have them :)


Wacky Crash Pants!!?

I have to cash mine in!

ok but how can you get them any other suggested quests or minigames cause i am desperate here i need a platd shrit to give to a friend (i hade two but sold one) and i have no luck and i mean no luck, absolutly no luck in finding any but one. one i tell you! ONE! please help and those wacky pants are sweet!

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