Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Will the real WAR please stand up?

WAR can be a frustrating game, mainly due to the population balance issues. You can see a good example of that here, where Destruction leads 10 servers to 3. That is all well and good, the real issue is the population swings that can occur. From my times on Averheim and Badlands, this is what I've seen for population imbalance.

Launch - 1.2: Destruction (considered overpowered by many)
1.2: Order (considered overpowered by many)
1.2.1: Destruction (jury is still out)

So what is going on here?

It seems that the population shifts towards whatever side is considered overpowered. It would certainly explain what is happening on Badlands. Order has disappeared and Destruction has re-appeared. Did they all go back to their main servers or in the case of Badlands, come home?

Just like flavor of the month classes, in a PvP game people want to win and will play what side gives them the advantage. This is magnified in WAR as it only has 2 sides. There are only two states, winning or losing. There is no in between. In Eve or Darkfall, there are a huge number of sides that may not be involved in your war.

It would be really nice to reach some sort of equilibrium in WAR. I'm not sure it is possible, because if all things were equal we would be in a stalemate. Rather then that, I would just like to see less extreme population shifts when a new patch comes around.


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