Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Live Event Quests

Where have you been all my life? Seriously, the quests in Beyond the Sands have been a very nice addition. In prior events, the tasks were really just basic kill quests or go get X amount of this. Now we actually have a quest chain and other quests included. The rewards are good: gold and exp.

The added story really adds some flavor to the live event. It all feels like it is leading up to something big. Mythic, I really hope there is a nice monster encounter at the end of this quest line. Back during the Halloween event, there was a big RvR boss fight that a lot of people enjoyed. I hope we see something similar for the final days of beyond the Sands.

Have you see the airships flying off in the distance? If not, try to look up every now and then, they are a pretty nice sight.

So far, the RvR has been pretty good with the Live Event. It is really a simple formula if you think about it. Put something the players want in an RvR lake and they will fight over it. That's what I have been seeing so far and it's resulted is some fun fights. A diversion from the greater campaign is nice.


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