Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More WAR changes

Mythic announced some more 1.2.1 changes...

  • Devour Essence: This ability will now properly heal the target buffed with the spell.
  • Increased base hit points on all pets. (Squigs, War Lions, Turrets, and Daemons)
Seems like a good change, I know my turret was pretty fragile. While Lions have always asked for tougher pets, as part of their DPS comes from it.

  • Mutating Release: Activating this ability will no longer prevent Flee and Charge from functioning properly
  • Fixed an issue with several Chalices and Books that was causing them to produce far more Soul Essence than the tooltip stated.
Will this reduce the healing of WP's and DoK's? Don't get me wrong, I like me some healing, but they were dominating.

  • Flurry/Lotsa Choppin': These abilities have been changed to a Cone area of effect that will only hit targets in front and on the sides of the character. Due to this change the abilities will no longer require a target to activate.
  • Players operating a Ram will now be immune to Knockback and receive reduced damage from Oil Siege Weapons.
I guess this is ok... I did enjoy knocking them off the ram. I wonder if Knockdowns will still work? Dropping a land mine near the ram was always fun. I'm not sure how much it helped the cause, but it was enjoyable.

  • Siege Rams will now do twice the damage as they previously did.
  • Keep doors will now have double the hit points they previously had.
These are some pretty big changes to the Keep Siege system. I think they are a step in the right direction. Before this, the ram was just something that was nice to have. Most of the time, players DPS was sufficient to take down a door. Now a ram will be more of a necessity.

When combined with Keep Upgrades, I think sieging will be a bit more interesting. We just need to get rid of siege pads and add in breakable walls.

  • We have significantly increased the hit points of Ram Siege Pads.
  • Caltrops and Dynamite will no longer be introduced with the Ordnance system.
If they weren't working out, they should be held off. It was a nice idea... but did they really add anything to the game?

Sounds like 1.2.1's release date is getting close. While this patch alone will not do too much for me it is a nice step towards 1.3.


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